who we are //

We are Jaimie and Brandon Ridgewood, a husband and wife cinematography duo originating out of the Pacific Northwest.

We welcome you to come join us...to NOT be bound by normality, by old, limited structures and rules but to

live outside the box

to live freely, to look at life creatively, take risks, and not fear the unknown, but to live each day as if its your last.

nothing good ever comes from love.
what comes from love is always something better
— Roberto BolaƱo

We love...Hikers. Bikers. Climbers. PNW fanatics. Brides that climb trees. Grooms that wear plaid. Beards. Tattoos. Lots of beer. Adventurers. Modern architecture. Old Victorian homes. When there's more green than any other color. Lovers. Travelers. People that like the tops of mountains. When your something old is an awesome relative with stories. Did we say beer already? Brides and Grooms with the same length of hair (or really different lengths of hair). Laughers. Readers. Explorers. You.