Wedding Videos

All the wedding videos below are examples of our main wedding package


Rustic Grace Esate - Van Alstyne, Texas

An intimate, romantic wedding in Texas that ends in a stellar dance party. Unique dress, beautiful light ALL day long, and one of the cutest chapels on-site I’ve ever seen!


Broadmoor Golf Club - Seattle, Washington

A wedding filled with elegance, laughter, and one of my favorite vow-exchanges of the year. Miriam asked for applause half way through her vows with an adorable laugh, and the crowd of their closest 220 friends obliged. Feels like a wedding I attended rather than shot because of how many fond memories I have from it.


Within Sodo - Seattle, Washington

Talk about a good time with great people. Carena and Garrett braved a love story shoot with us out to Index, WA which you can see on our social media teaser page, and they were also the chillest, most up-for-anything couple of the year. We love that!


delille cellars - woodinville, washington

This one started romantic, but took a huge turn when Yasmine sent out a couple friends ahead of her for the first look to prank John. Not only that, but the dance floor was one of the best I saw this summer. I was later told it was a room full of theater majors! No wonder!! You won’t believe it—and the piñata—until you see it.


blue venado beach club - playa del carmen, mexico

Um. Mexico. Fireworks. Shirtless dancing. Need I say more?


Hidden meadows farm - snohomish, washington

Nicole and Brian decided to exchange vows before the ceremony, just the two of them, and it had all of us in tears. Seriously so sweet.