how the whole things works //

Step one:

drop us an email

Step two:

meet up for coffee... beer... wine...all three? or through the amazing interwebs if you're out of the area (we'll bring our mugs to that meeting too) to discuss your wedding or project and what your budget looks like!

Step three:

20% of the full package price and a digitally signed contract holds your date

Step four:

we'll keep up with communication pre-wedding/project to ensure that we're a friend by the time we stick a camera in your face

Step five:


Step six:

we let you chill out for a week or two depending on honeymoon time

Step seven:

we talk through post processing, how long we think it'll take and whether or not you dig the music we've chosen 

Step eight:

your highlight video is presented password protected (alliteration!) via online 

Step nine:

small edits may be requested (more on that in the contract) 

Step ten:

SHOW OFF your awesome video to all the friends and family who have been dying to cry (again) at your wedding