Frequently Asked Questions


Why video?

Sometimes it’s one partner, maybe both, that struggle to rationalize the money you’re investing into all aspects of a wedding. There’s a lot of pressure from parents, friends, other family members to make a wedding into what THEY want for you. That means, in some cases, video gets left till the end of your budget and you’re stuck explaining to others, your partner, or even yourself why video is important. Here’s the simple answer: at the end of the day, the flowers will wilt, the food will be eaten, wedding clothes get put into boxes, and all that you will have left will be your memory of a day that passed too quickly, your photos and your video. That’s it. And video can give you something photos cannot. It will give you the actual walk down the aisle. When you’re old and eye sight is going, you’ll still be able to hear the sound of your love’s voice reciting those vows they spent time preparing just for you. You’ll be able to rewatch the dancing, the laughs, the emotions over and over again. Lastly, NOT getting a video is the number one regret of couples after their wedding day.

Why the expense?

Video, like a lot of creative mediums is expensive to maintain. We are constantly updating our gear to give you the best quality we can, taking classes and workshops to up our game in order to serve you better, and paying for monthly subscriptions for our editing software, storage so we can backup your wedding in more than one place, and online sites to allow easy access to your contracts and invoices. Simply put: the basis for a lot of people’s price is an owner figuring out their cost of doing business.

If you see someone who has a much lower cost, there are a few reasons for that. They might have just launched their business, so their price reflects their expertise and experience. They might live in a lower-cost area and don’t HAVE to charge as much because they don’t have to pay as much for rent, food, family etc. OR, like we in the industry like to say, they might have never sat down and actually looked at their numbers, and if they keep that pricing, they’ll be out of business in a very short amount of time from being burned out and over worked.

Why are there so many package options from different companies? What do I actually need?

This one is tough. The good thing is, once you take a deep breath and move past being overwhelmed, it’s actually good for you because it means that different companies meet different needs. The hard part is figuring out what you need when you’ve NEVER had a video made of your life before. My suggestion is to sit down with your partner, or by yourself if you’re more invested in having the video, and write out the most important aspects of your wedding day.

For example, mine would look like this: transformation of getting ready, details of dress/shoes/meaningful memorabilia, first look with parents, first look with Brandon, walking down aisle, hugging my dad, vows, ring exchange, kiss, arriving at reception, candid shots during cocktail hour, toasts, time away with Brandon, first dances, details of reception, and dancing/mingling!

From writing that out, here’s what I know I need: probably 8-10 hours of coverage, someone who has a range of shots in their videos from different parts of the day, someone who is good at getting candids but ALSO good at getting details shots, someone who offers more than a highlight video because I wanted to re-hear my vows and toasts IN FULL not just broken into pieces in a highlight film, and someone who can get good dancing/candid shots of people. I also know, not from my list, that my attention span for wedding videos (because I’ve watched other peoples) is about 5-7 minutes, so I want someone who can boil my day down to that time frame, but also maybe has options for some full-events like the vows, ceremony, toasts, first dances. Also, after watching so many videos, I know that my priority is more on WHAT people catch rather than how good their footage is. I want my video to look professional, but I don’t need a 4k upgrade etc. Lastly, I want to be able to share on social media fast so I want someone who offers a teaser within one week of the wedding. I want to be on my honeymoon and showing my wedding off.

Do this exercise for yourself and see what you can come up with or feel free to use mine if it falls in-line with your own dreams!

Is there a cost for travel?

Yes :) Within Washington, we’re free to the greater Seattle area as far as Bellingham and Sumner/Tacoma area. Going over the pass, we have a flat fee for Leavenworth/Chelan weddings. Out of state, we have a flat fee for West Coast including Portland, San Fran, and LA. Outside of that, we charge for travel based on flight prices, airbnb accommodations, and a stipend for food. We always strive to make it a fair, flat-fee that we discuss with you in order to make the process easier for you.

Have you shot at our venue before?

I put this on here, because it shows up in a lot of articles about ‘what to ask your photographer/videographer’. You are hiring your photographer/videographer because of their expertise in being able to shoot anywhere, in any kind of lighting and situation. I’ve shot in the pouring down rain for an elopement and I’ve shot in direct sunlight with glare off the ocean. It really doesn’t matter if we’ve shot at your venue. If we have, great! If we haven’t, maybe even better because we’re coming in with a fresh eye and able to capture your day with a new outlook rather than a preconceived notion about the venue based on someone else’s wedding day.

Can we choose the music?

Yes and no. As I’m sure you’ve heard, music has to be licensed in order for us to use it. That means videographers work through several online companies that house some well-known, but many great, unknown artists to get the music. I often ask people what type of genre they like and I work from there. Searching for music on these licensing sites takes hours of work, and would be very frustrating for a lot of couples to sift through. There are occasions where we can reach out to management companies about music you like that isn’t on our licensing sites, and see if the song is available for purchase. In the rare times, we get the go-ahead for a cheap price and can move forward using their song, and more often we get ignored OR are quoted a price in the hundreds of thousands for single use of a song and can only have it online for a year. So, music is a bit frustrating of a topic, but we want to pick something that works for you and embodies your wedding day!

How long will it take before we see our video?

My contract states that I have 90 days to deliver the video for your review—at which time you get to see it password protected before the rest of the world, and may request edits (more on that in the contract). Your USB with all your final video (highlight video, toasts, vows etc. see packages for more options) delivered within 180 days of your wedding. Why that long? It usually doesn’t take that long for you to get everything, but if I have 7 or 8 weddings within one month, I’d rather you know the worst-case scenario. We’ve never delivered anything outside of our contracted time, and we spend time with each video to make sure we produce a work that is worthy of your wedding day! If you need something rushed, we suggest investing in the social media teaser which will give you something to share within one week of your wedding day.

what do you need to reserve my date?

For full-day weddings, we require a $1,000 retainer (through paypal, check or cash) and a digitally signed contract. For intimate weddings or modified packages, we require a 20% retainer and digitally signed contract.

What gear do you shoot with?

Canon 5d mark iv, Sony A7iii, sigma lenses (35mm 1.4, 70-200mm 2.8, 35mm 1.4, 85mm 1.4), rode mic, rode pin mic, video light for dark situations, monopods, tripod, gopro.

Can we be best friends?

If you’ve made it this far??? Definitely. haha :) While you’re here, take a look below at two more reviews from some of our past couples!


Audrey and Huy | Review

“The first thing that came to my mind about Jaimie and her husband is UNDERRATED!! They delivered high quality work at a such affordable price! My wife and I got married on July 2017 and we couldn't be any happier with the way our video turned out. First of all, Jaimie was really easy to work with. Jaimie and Brandon made sure that they had a strong understanding of what we were looking for in a wedding video. Secondly, they are super responsive. All the communications between us were timely and we didn't even have to follow up. They answered all of our questions prior to the big day. I also want to point our how prepared they were. Jaimie and Brandon made sure to meet with our photographer prior to our wedding to discuss the plan for the day of. They were very flexible to work with and I believe because of this, they developed a working relationship with the photographer. Lastly, major shout out to Brandon for helping me with the boutonniere. None of us knew how to put it on properly so Brandon took a quick break from filming to assist me with that. Jaimie and Brandon are really passionate about capturing our big day. I can guarantee that they make sure to tailor the video to each couple so you don't have to feel like all of their videos are the same. My wife and I are highly recommending them if you are looking for the PERFECT videographer for your big day!!”


Reina and Connor | Review

“Jaimie and her husband are amazing! Truly talented people! Jaimie was so easy to work with, and required very little from us. When we did have questions, she was quick to respond. We told her what we wanted in a wedding video and she delivered a high quality product for a very low cost considering what we got. They beautifully weaved our vows into images that perfectly captured the feel of our day. Her taste in music is amazing, they picked out songs that we had never heard but that were spot on for each part of the video. Our family and friends were blown away too. When you look at their videos on vimeo, they all have a really different feel. I was so impressed with their ability to make a video that is perfect for each couple. I feel like so often, wedding videos look really "cookie cutter." That is not what you will get with Ridgewood Films, they really drill down to customize a video perfect for you. The quality of the film itself is also really beautiful and soft looking. They also did a "love story" video for us. I would really recommend doing that as well. It is a cute little look into my husband and I's lives before marriage that I know we will treasure forever. Highly, high recommend!”