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Nicole + Brian | Hidden Meadows Wedding

How Nicole and Brian lived outside the box on their wedding day: There are lots of beautiful secret spots at Hidden Meadows, and Nicole and Brian chose one of those places to say their vows to each other, and JUST to each other. Instead of giving those words to each other in front of everyone else, they made it an intimate moment and it was a serious tear-jerker. 

Arya + Kristan | Playa Del Carmen Wedding

How Arya and Kristan lived outside the box: well, they had their wedding in Mexico, which was a good start. They invited all their friends for a huge party, they took a risk and had the wedding of their dreams. Also, fireworks. If you're going to have fireworks at your wedding, I want to be there. 

Morgan + Andrew | Malibu Wedding

It's kinda crazy when college friends start getting married. Even crazier when they invite you to fly to California to film their wedding! WHHHAT?! Malibu is a bit of a different scenery for us PNW natives, but we LOVE it. That's why we're PUMPED to head to Berkeley this summer for another CA wedding. Also, while in CA, Brandon got to go to Disneyland for the first time, and even though we only made it on 7 rides (dang lines), it was fun to show him around. His favorite ride: Winnie the Pooh.