Burn Out | From the Mouths of Others

For the past month, we’ve talked about burn out in differing degrees. We talked about finding the cause, short-term answers, and then long term processes to put in place. I sent out a little survey to several wedding industry creatives to hear their thoughts. Here’s the sum up of what they said.

In terms of cause, across the board everyone said it was because they took on too much all at once, and didn’t have processes in place to outsource. This lead to a huge rift in their work/life balance. Someone else mentioned that for them, the burn out came just because of the comparison game created by social media. For many, it seemed to go past the point of ‘hustling’ and into dangerous territory.

For one, this actually caused her to fall behind in deadlines set by her contract, for another it meant that she actually fell ill, and for others, it manifested in panic attacks, hating their business, wanting to quit, and fighting with their partner.

So, how did they pull out of it? By learning to say ‘no’, by out sourcing, by no longer scrolling through social media, and for one, by moving to a house that was more removed. The move felt like a clean slate where she could readjust her life.

I wasn’t going to name anyone directly, but Samantha McFarlen said it so perfectly, when she laid out her advice for others: “Think of going through burn out like your house being on fire and only having time to run in and save three things. What things from your life would you save? For me, it was time with my family (husband and dog), my health (making time to cook and eat good food, be outside, exercise, sleep), and my photography business. I had to cut out a lot of other things that at one point I thought were important but then realized they were just fueling the house fire. Just get your priorities straight, take a break if you have to, SAY NO TO THINGS.”

Others suggested building up a really strong emotional support system from your family and friends, and a lot of people said learning to say ‘no’ was their biggest factor in not burning out again.

I’m ending this series with a LIVE, featuring Sam, where we’ll talk about burn out in more practical ways. Follow either of us on Instagram @ridgewoodfilms @samanthamcfarlen to find out when.