Date Day Friday | Rattlesnake Lake and Ruth Ozeki

Going to Mexico for a wedding at the beginning of Feb really threw off our Date Day Friday game, but this past week we got it back! 

It was supposed to be Brandon's day, but I had something I really wanted to do so he gave the day over to me to plan. 

I started with a trip out to one of our favorite spots (where we got engaged) Rattlesnake Lake. We decided not to hike, but stopped in at Pioneer Coffee company for some coffee then walked the half-perimeter of the lake!  


^ this dude, always posing. 

Anyway, we ventured into Seattle, walked around Queen Anne, visited one of our fav little indie bookstores Queen Anne Book Company, and ended up settling in at Storyville Coffee.

^ me always being awkward

The grande finale for the day was a talk at Washington Hall sponsored through Hugo House by Ruth Ozeki. What a mouthful. 

Whenever anyone asks what they should do on a date night that's cheap, I ALWAYS recommend looking up author events. Seattle is a literary gem of a city with SO much going on. There's tons of indie bookstores that have author events including places on the Eastside if you don't want to venture into Seattle, and some out on the peninsula if you don't want to cross the water. 

Ruth Ozeki was incredibly authentic, a great speaker, and had some really interesting points on meditation in relation to writing. I was personally super pumped to go see her talk, and Brandon walked away wanting to read her books. 

As a last little note, I've had at least four different people say they started doing some version of Date Day's and I'd love to hear from you! Send us an email if you've tried it out!

Also, as a reminder, when it's our time to plan, we make sure to do something we're passionate about, whether or not we think the other person will like it. That way, we grow as a couple, and as individual's, trying out new things. That means, occasionally, you might do something you don't want to do for your partner....which is called selfless and is good for your relationship. Chances are, someday, they'll do the same for you. And, really, any time you're spending together, is a good time, am I right??