Beer Advent Calendar You Can Make in a Day!

Anyone that has gone looking for any sort of alcohol advent calendar for their beer or whiskey-loving family members knows its really fricken hard to find. Alcohol has so many rules around it in terms of shipping there’s really only Costco who provides beer advents and they’re gone so quickly.

Of course, I forgot to get one this year in time, so I decided to get on ol’ pinterest and look some ideas up for myself. After getting some inspiration, here’s what I came up with. Enjoy!

Here are the thing’s you’ll need:

  • Basket of some kind. I got mine at Home Goods. They range $10-$25. Make sure if you’re doing beer, you get one big enough.

  • Tissue paper. Or paper bags or you could do the clear plastic goodie bags!

  • String. Or ribbon. Or something more clever.

  • Tags or stencils for numbering

  • 24 different beers. I spent $113 on cans of beer from a local, small liquor store! I’m sure if you went shopping at Total Wine and More or Bevmo, you could cut down on this. BUT if you want to do bottles of beer, this will go up.


First step, wrap up the can of beer. TWO options here. Either the typical, set in the center, fold up over the top of the can, warp with a ribbon/string. OR, as I later discovered, it’s better if you place the can on its side near the bottom of the tissue and roll it up in the tissue. When it looks like a long tube, fold the bottom into the hollow space on the bottom of the can, tie the string around the top and then I cut the top off of the tissue to give it a little more texture.


Second step! Make the tags or use stencils to write on the paper itself. I am not great at lettering, clearly. HA. But, I knew my honey didn’t care too much so I free-handed it!


Here they are!

Here’s how mine turned out! Thing I might do differently, I’d wrap all the cans by laying them down and rolling them up (the second option I listed above), instead of wrapping up from the bottom. BUT I do love that I decided to add little stickers to all the tags. Something a little personal for each day! Also, my basket was JUST big enough. Bigger seems to be better. Mine was two 1/2 feet long by 1 1/2 feet wide.


Happy Advent!!

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