Date Day Friday | Zoka Coffee and Dirtbag

Our fourth date day Friday! And another one that was supposed to be free wherein we actually spent money. There's a couple things we've learned about these date day Friday's that will help us readjust for the next month:

- We spend way more money than we anticipated. On gas, on random little things along the way. We'll probably adjust the budget for the dates which allows us to have some more freedom.

- We really do enjoy it when we each do what WE want when we plan the date. For instance, Brandon didn't plan for a movie he wanted to go see on Friday because he thought I wouldn't enjoy it. When he told me, I booked the tickets then and there because I was TOTALLY up for it! 

- Lastly, these date days are SO fun. We really love them. And, because they're preplanned with a preplanned budget, we don't feel guilty about not working during that time or spending money.


For this date, Brandon took me to Zoka Coffee near Greenlake. We love the Zoka in Kirkland, but I'd never been to the one in Seattle. First off, WHAT A GREAT VIBE. Dark wood, extended ceilings, lots of windows, LOTS of seating, good coffee, and comfortable seating. I'll probably make a writing date with myself there sometime soon!


After Zoka, and finding out Brandon was planning NOT to take me to the movie he had originally thought about going to...we headed down to Seattle Center. We walked around the center, had some coffee in the Center House (called Armory) and watched the fountain. 

At 5 pm we slowly made our way over to the SIFF (seattle international film festival) Seattle Center theater and got to watch a documentary of Fred Beckey!  If you didn't know, Brandon and I are totally into climbing and hiking. So, getting to watch a movie on the life of one of the Northern American Mountaineers that did more first ascents in North America than any other climber... which is A BIG DEAL. It was awesome. Highly recommend you go see it if you're interested in the topic. 


All in all, really great date day. So far, one of my friends has started to do two date days a month and she and her husband are loving it! I wanna hear from you if you're trying it! Drop me a comment below!

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