Date Day Friday | Yoga and I, Tonya

You may remember that Brandon and I challenged ourselves to only use $50 for our dates. What we didn't tell you is that the $50 is per person for the whole month. As in, one of our Friday Date Days has to essentially be free or put on a gift card. 

In summertime, this will be easy. We'll pack a lunch and head out into the mountains for a hike. Or, we'll jump on our bikes and take the Burke Gilman trail into Seattle for an afternoon of laying in the sun and reading at Magnuson Park. 

This Friday, it was raining. So I woke up knowing that I'd have to get creative. I decided to take Brandon as a guest to one of the yoga classes I take at the local Y. Brandon is a certified Yoga Instructor and attends classes usually at a Shakti's yoga studio in Ballard. 

So, even though I knew it would be a change for him to attend classes maybe not totally surrounded by yogis, it would be a good experience. Also, Brandon's love language is quality time so doing something side by side with me that he loves is always a good time for him. 

Side note: does anyone else have a significant other whose love language is quality time and it's a TOTAL struggle for those of us who don't naturally give that way??  Raise your hand!


After that, we ditched the rain and went to see I, Tonya. We had a giftcard to Regal so I got away with it! HIGHLY recommend going to see I, Tonya. Going to the movies might as well be a love language all on it's own for how much I love it. 

That's it, folks. Date day doesn't have to be glamorous. I've heard from a couple people who are trying variations of their own! Let me know if you and your honey are trying this in any capacity!