Current Reads | The Cruel Prince and Infinite Jest

Jaimie's Current Read: Holly Black's The Cruel Prince


"If I cannot be better than them, I will become so much worse."

- excerpt from The Cruel Prince


Holly Black was leading the charge in fairy tales for the modern age almost ten years ago, so it feels like righteous justice that now when fairy tales are big again, she's finally getting her just dues. Her world is unique without being impossible to understand. Her characters are fiery, strong females and men who learn to be vulnerable. She writes the exact stories the world needs in this day and age: full of heart and fight and adventure and learning about oneself. 

Brandon's Current Read: David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest


It's a really hard book to read, but if you read it knowing that, and knowing that he was trying to make it entertaining and humorous, it'll be really enjoyable. 

For anyone that hasn't attempted reading Infinite Jest, it's a 1,079 page masterpiece that some people consider a life-long goal of finishing. It's known for its unique use of endnotes (hence the multiple bookmarks), some of them reaching five pages in length. 

Clearly, as the cover suggests, I've tried reading this book before. I'm going at it again, this time with the accountability of book group. All of us are able to commiserate together over the love/hate relationship we have with this book. Let me know if you wanna join in!