Welcome, we’re the Ridgewoods.

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Jaimie |

Brains behind the Biz

Heyyyy Friends! I’m an avid reader, show-binger, and I like to pretend like your family and friends are MY family and friends. Through the process, I’m the girl you’ll be talking to, and the one who will find out what you want in a wedding video or guide you if you’re just not sure yet. I’m fast and direct with communication so that you’re never left hanging through the planning AND editing process. On your wedding day, I’ll be there to tell you how AMAZING you look, prompt you to take the hair tie off your wrist or cell out of your pocket, and remind you to breathe and have a good time. I’ll also dance with you for a song or two, camera along for the ride.

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Brandon |

We call him Lover

Jaimie calls me Lover, but you’re welcome to as well. I’m a certified yogi, likes to crack 'boy jokes', and you can typically find me reading pretentious old literature (okay, Jaimie wrote that part). I drink peaty Scotch, and I’m into climbing, hiking, biking, and the Movement Culture. On your wedding day, I’m the go-to guy. I’ll chauffeur you around, keep you company while you wait for the first look, and hold the bouquet during portraits while Jaimie gets up in your face. I’m super easy-going, and here to capture all those candid moments that you won’t want to forget.

Kelly and Isaac | Review

“Jaimie and Brandon are amazing. Booking these two was easily one of the best decisions we made when planning our wedding. They are warm, friendly, and professional, which put us immediately at ease. They captured so many special moments and details of our wedding day, while feeling like an organic part of the proceedings. They always made us feel comfortable and helped keep our wedding day low stress and fun! We absolutely loved the video they put together and have watched it many times with our families. The video was absolutely beautiful and perfectly representative of our personalities as well as the overall vibe of our wedding. My mom cries every time she sees it. We will treasure it for years to come! I highly recommend Ridgewoood Films to anyone looking for excellent videography and hoping to work with warm, down-to-earth professionals.”


Tara and Dillon | Review

“Choosing Ridgewood Films made my wedding day absolutely complete. They were so amazing, and captured EVERYTHING about our wedding day. They made sure to get the details, the emotions, the party and just all around everything you want to remember. Not to mention they were the sweetest couple and made the day go seamless. I absolutely love their artistic touch, they truly have a vision and you see it come through in their work. If you want a beautiful video that makes you remember your favorite day, go with Jaimie and Brandon.”