Hello, we are the Ridgewoods.

We love to tell our love story as much as we love to tell yours. We met in a bookstore. We fell in love over hikes, over bouldering, over beer, over book pages, over goofy jokes that shouldn't be funny, and over our obsession with seeing as much of the world as we can. 

We're here to create videos, but we're also here to preserve memories. And not just the big moments, but the small details in between.

We also might help you make those memories by helping put on your tie, bustle your dress, bust a move with you on the dance floor, take a shot with you as you're getting ready, or just be a calming breath when the flower girls are crying and a groomsman has gone missing. 

You're making the memories, we're making sure you won't forget. 


photos by the amazing Samantha McFarlen