About Us

and our philosophy on you


Hello, we are the Ridgewoods.

I'm Jaimie, brains of Ridgewood Films. I'll be doing all the emails, contracts, invoices, meeting up for consults, and lead-shooting on the wedding day and at shoots. My hubbie (affectionately called Lover) will be back-up shooter, drinking the whiskey shots offered to him, and generally being a go-to man if you need help with carrying literally anything at all. 

I'm a body-positivist activist (all about that self-love), watch re-runs of every show known to man, write books in my spare (ha!) time, enjoy biking and hiking, hangry in the dictionary has my face under it, and I LOVE my family (adopted at the age of 4 and super attached to all their awesome craziness) and actually all families (I will probably leave your wedding calling your mom 'Mom').

Lover is a certified yogi, likes to crack typical 'boy jokes' about farts, drinks peaty Scotch (which tastes like dirt in my humble opinion), and is always telling me I can't buy anymore mugs (rude). He's also really into the Movement movement (is that what it's called?!), and if you wanna do squats or hangs or bounce tennis balls around, he's your dude. 

I used to have a cute little blurb here about capturing your moments and wanting to tell your story, and I had a cheesy line about 'you create the memories, we'll make sure you never forget.' And really, you've probably seen something like that on every other site you've been to for a wedding videographer, photographer, designer etc etc etc. 

When I started doing weddings, it was because I finished film school and didn't want to work in Hollywood. Then, I realized I actually REALLY liked weddings, and it was because in Hollywood, everyone was a fake, and being a wedding videographer is about getting people to be authentic. 

I'm going to be real with you, and I'm going to do whatever I can to help you be your most authentic self in front of the camera. It's not easy. In the age of social media, we all put on a face in front of a camera (me included!). I heard from someone who does guided meditation that adults only smile authentically five times a day (compared to babies who smile 117 times). That's crazy! We feel so much anxiety, regret, and fear that we can't be who we really are. 

So, here's the promise: you will laugh, you will cry, you will have the freedom to be yourself. Whatever your size, shape, shade, ability, religion, gender, sexuality, I am going to be a friend and videographer that will help you be YOU in front of the camera. 


photos by the amazing Samantha McFarlen